Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Strength and My Song

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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Next time I'm taking my camera.....

Things we saw here today:

1) An almost flying, swooping, Jesus, suspended from the ceiling, crucified, on the cross, but arms about to gather, in shiny metal that glinted in the light

2) A carved, wooden Jesus, with a barbed wire crown of thorns

3) An area to light candles and write prayers, where we held Uncle Vic with the broken hip (and Imogen with her bruised hip) up to Jesus

4) The Stations of the Cross, in a series of grey metal sculptures, which we were encouraged to touch, and could view on an upward trajectory as Jesus struggled up the hill with his huge burden

5) A wooden sculpture of Mary holding Jesus - very minimalist - reminded me of African tribal art

6) A carved wooden pulpit, one of the panels containing a traditional English depiction of 'Mary holding Jesus' - Imogen was keen to be lifted up as she wanted to stroke the baby Jesus' head.

7) A corner of stained glass windows by Kempe, who also has windows in our Parish church ("I knew it was by the same person, because they are the same" said Imogen.)

8) An altar tapestry of sheaves and grapes, meeting a wafer and chalice in the middle.

That wasn't all we saw - we definitely missed the (carved wooden) mice this time, as I forgot, and the guide asked on the way out if we had seen the statue of the person scratching their behind (!), plus I didn't want to jostle the buggy down the stairs into the Chapterhouse which has famous 'leaves' on the celing - there is a multitude of iconography, light, ancient objects like wooden pews, new artwork, as well as a feeling of holiness. The Minster is definitely God's sacred space - and of course can also provide an education - a variety of ways to absorb Jesus.

I thought with a 5 year old and a baby I would struggle to use it, but it would have been possible - so I just wish I'd taken my camera!