Thursday, 17 February 2011

3 Small Successes


1) I made cake! 2 cakes! Nice cakes! Tasty cakes! Blueberry tea loaf AND double ginger cake. One was completed over breakfast, I still don't know how I did that. My elder daughter (6) was soooooo appreciative. I had been wanting to fit baking her a cake in all term and I did it with days to spare. AND I had something to give a friend who came over for coffee. I am so happy I managed to prioritise the gift of cake (without the housework and family suffering too much....)

2) I booked the baptism, and more importantly, a disco for one of the small rooms at the reception venue. As an Anglican interloper, I'm aware that 6 months is a little late for baptism (although my eldest was 1 year old due to myself not having being baptised - or even come fully to faith when she was born). I would have had it a little sooner but Rebecca's Godfather has his own churches to conduct a morning service at so we are having an afternoon service (followed by food, drink and aforementioned disco) with the entire congregation going to be invited. (Panics slightly about catering. And realises I have still not ordered the cake!)

3) I've been speaking out a lot this week. I've been very opinionated. Some of it has been through anger and impatience, but at other times it has been reasonable and discursive. This is a whole new side of me I'm learning about. I have gone through my entire life avoiding conflict and trying to people-please. Now I'm at the place where, when another mother tells me she will hit her child as punishment for hurting mine at a soft play centre, I tell her that I do not want her to do it in my name, or my kids' names. I will feedback on how we struggled with a church service, to the appropriate people (rather than moaning to others.) And so on. (But hopefully not on & on. I hope also to receive the gift of knowing when it's not appropriate to voice my thoughts!)

Happy Thursday people.


  1. Wow I bet your Baptismal party will be awesome. You like cake a lot.....I think we would get along:)

  2. Great week! I would love a slice of the double ginger cake to have with tea. Sounds divine!

  3. What a week!! Both of my boys have been baptized at (close to) 6 months. For us it's a matter of having time to gather family and our family priest in one location. I guess that's the trouble with having brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles and friends in so many different states! I'm certain that God wants us to share the celebration of baptism with our family - so I'm sure He understands!

  4. Thanks guys - I now have another success in that I got the most comments at one time on my blog ever!

    Kristi & Mary - I had an intolerance to egg for a VERY long time and have only just started eating cake again for the first time in years. I used to only bake cakes for others. Can you IMAGINE?!!

    JJ's Mom - I know timing of baptism can be a huge issue for some people, but I'm with you in that God can wait; the baby has been in His care for a long time already, and the sacrament completes it. I'm on the Baptism Preparation team at our church, and we get everything from very small babies to older children (and adults besides) and each one that comes to us is wonderful. As I say, as I wasn't baptised as an infant, it took me 30 years!!