Thursday, 21 October 2010

Small Successes! Volume Three*


1) I think it's a success that I'm actually sitting writing to be honest! Or, that I'm giving myself time to take stock & review the past month or so. Not that life's easy now, but it's definitely easier, and though I am tired from school runs and night feeds and trying to get the baby to nap when she wants - I am less tired than two weeks ago! I generally try to live in the now rather than worry about the future or more than glance at the past, but just sitting here, with a sleeping, fed baby, a household that is running OK (with much help from a hero of a husband may I add), I am happy to look back and think - WOW! how far we have come in such a short time. Rebecca is 11 weeks old and we are finally finding our feet, enjoying days out and looking forward to the half-term break. (I think this probably counts as a big success rather than a small one, but I haven't sat and written for a while!)

2) I'm getting back into my culinary groove. Granted, it wouldn't be possible without all of the above, but I'm getting organic fruit, veg & meat delivered and ACTUALLY USING THEM!! rather than them sit doing nothing in the fridge until the expire. Last night I even managed to throw together and have on the table in under an hour, this little gem from Delia Smith - a traditional UK 'cottage pie' of savoury beef mince & gravy, topped with mashed potato, sliced leeks and cheddar cheese and baked in the oven. Tonight (fingers crossed) it will be a spaghetti carbonara with mushrooms, leeks, garlic and bacon.

3) Despite my return to culinary form, Friday night, the last day of school for 10 days, means a visit to the fish and chip shop for our family. And this is my most major success - giving myself time off. I must have looked as run down as I was feeling this week because a friend offered to have my 4 year old to play this afternoon, which has (don't laugh) enabled me to tackle my grimy kitchen floor as well as sit and have some 'me' time. Back on Monday, another friend offered to make me lunch and the pumpkin, lentil & chilli soup we shared together set me up for the rest of the day, together with a long chat! Tuesday night, my husband took care of the baby while I slept. And I LET THEM. I let these people look after me. I made sure I didn't feel like a failure in accepting their kindness, like years of trying to prove myself a capable adult to my parents can still make me feel. I am a SUCCESS at mothering and looking after the family, but I am learning to recognise that an important part of that is learning to let others look after me - even asking for help if I need it :-)

It's great to take stock and recognise our successes and the people we know & things we do that contribute to them.

Share your successes too:
*inspired by Danielle Bean at Faith and Family Live


  1. Great list! I consider all those HUGE successes with an 11 week old baby! And, the grimy floor....been there....more than once....

    I love your bit about the sink plug true...

  2. Thanks! So much of this past week has been about other people in the same boat being there, understanding & helping in their own quiet way, sometimes without knowing it - and I include the online community of Mom bloggers in this. Looking forward to reading more of your blog soon.