All About Me

Well, not ALL about me, obviously!

But a few facts:

I'm a woman in my mid-thirties. I spent much of my life until quite recently seeeking answers everywhere but with God. In 2005 I was baptised into the Christian faith and have grown to see the world in a very different way! My faith does define my life. But there are lots of sides to me :-)

I have been blessed with three daughters. It's a cliche but learning to be a mother has taught me so much. Not least, how to serve others and serve God. I believe family life, and the cacophony of young children, are one of the greatest gifts ever and can struggle to fathom the views of others who don't see life through this lens.

As well as my calling to be a wife and mother, I have come to recognise that God has given me a vocation for ministry in the Church. You can read more about that elsewhere.

I love ingredients, recipes, food and ideas. I love novels, poetry, writing, reading, thinking and arguing. I love my family in a million different ways. I like to hike and walk places and stay fit (although I have pelvic problems so this can be difficult to manage!). I would suffer in a world without music; I studied piano and clarinet as a girl, and am now part of a singing group that performs fundraising concerts. I enjoy film, theatre, opera, ballet and other aspects of the arts. I'm better at thinking than doing, better at doing than playing.

There is much more to me, my thoughts and opinions, achievements and desires, but for now I'm happy to be growing into the person God is asking me to be.

A note about my anonymity:

This blog and my related Twitter account used to be in my real name, so some of you know who I am. But over time I realised that some of the things I wanted to write about go quite close to the bone in terms of family and some of my opinions. Although I don't hide details about where I worship, what my family and I look like, the names of my children and so on, if the people I know in real life look me up, they're more likely to find my Facebook presence (oh and my academic papers on text messaging from 10 years ago!) than this place where I vent. I don't hide my thoughts on Jesus on Facebook, but my mother isn't (to my knowledge) a Twitter follower, and my postings have different emphases. Which may be complicated or ridiculous, who knows! But it's the way things have gone and I don't mean to be unfriendly to my wonderful online community of friends. So now you know.