Friday, 18 June 2010

Daybooking in the month of June*

Outside my window: Who knows?! I've been FINISHING my essay on theological reflection. Now I only have 1 more essay to complete before the end of June to proceed through to the next year of my ministry training. (Actually, it's raining. And I have two washloads out there, being rained on.)

Thoughts: Pretty random, really. Thank you, God, for enabling me to read, think and write. And purposefully neglect the washing in times of need.

Thanksgiving: All of the above :-)

Kitchen goings-on: I'm hoping to start to put an end to Pea Phobia by getting the kids to shell some fresh peas with me in the kitchen. Touching them is good enough for me, they don't need to eat them. Also, creamy cheesy haddock with new potatoes for dinner. And rhubarb crumble (still) in the oven from yesterday. Might be the most nutritious meal this week.

Reading: Pastoral Cycle, blah blah blah, Movement Towards Insight, Theological Reflection....Facebook!

Listening: The ticking of my dear husband's watch. Inaccessible, on the bookshelves above. Still.

Wearing: A maternity dress which (although purple animal print) my youngest daughter says makes me look like a zebra.

Around the house: Cot up, mattress in. Pretty much everything but the bunkbed and the sofa now. And this week I shifted the mildew from the bathroom ceiling (if not from the grout.) IT'S IN THE DETAILS!!!

A Favourite Thing: Subway Nachos. Yes, we're still on a spicy tip. My mother in law thinks it might be the recessive red-headed gene :-)

*With thanks to Peggy.

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