Friday, 19 November 2010

Quick Take Friday Vol 2

1. I am alive, breathing, and drinking tea, for which I give thanks!

2. With great thanks to's other feature this week, on Advent, I have purchased purple table linen and tissue paper so we can celebrate in new ways along with candle, readings and calendars. I am enjoying the anticipation of the advent of Advent, if that makes sense. Practicalities mean we have to start buying gifts and planning early so to REALLY mark the start of the season on 1 Dec with new and special things is wonderful.

3. What else has been going on? I made favourite foods this week - Yorkshire Puddings for Imogen aged 4 and Lemon Curd for Sophie aged 6 this week. I am really appreciating immersion in household tasks at the moment, I guess it's the season (see point 2) BUT given that there are other things I could choose to focus on (study, visiting friends, emailing, blogging LOL) it's a huge achievement for me.

4. I DID write my essay on prayer, finally, but it's 800 words over and I can't face the edit. I missed the first session of the new module on Monday, but hope to go next week, whether I've done the prep or not. It's Old Testament for the next few weeks, which I have learned to appreciate :-) Every time I read the doom, gloom and gnashing of teeth stuff in the OT I'm reminded of how Jesus means we no longer face God's vengeance, just forgiveness, compassion and grace, and I do a little happy dance!

5. My husband is being a hero this week, just in doing the small but actually huge things that serve the family. And not just because he watched Fireproof this week (which was an act of sacrifice in itself. Good concept, scary acting, I thought.) For a non-worshipping person, he sets a huge example to follow.

6. Baby Rebecca is 3 months old now and a pleasure to be with, always (other than when she is tired and screaming obviously.) It's my middle daughter who's had the bulk of my attention this week though, as she has been going through illness and behaviour issues which could only be solved by a) removing all possible privileges and b) simultaneously showering her with as much love as possible. This means TV has been replaced by doing jigsaws together on a couple of days, and we even hung out at Starbucks while the baby slept, instead of pre-school. I don't think I can continue this pace, but she starts school in January so I truly hope I can continue investing in her. As well as focusing on my eldest daughter whose needs probably got lost this week in the tussle for attention...

7. I just noticed in someone else's blog that Betty Beguiles family got to move into a new place and have a new couch which her internet followers gave her and which she accepted with such grace. Such an act of Christian love pouring out to others. Something to celebrate!

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