Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Just a rant

Just a quick one, as I'm going to try & cut down on unnecessary internet witterings & focus on other things. But REALLY. 'The Suspicious of Mr Whicher aka The Road Hill House Murders' - how did it garner so many amazing reviews?? It's basically a PHd thesis woven into a novel. Which wouldn't be too bad if it actually had a completely conclusive ending, which is doesn't. And, by the way, the first time I viewed a family tree I clued onto the syphilictic connection. Clues - the one good thing was the etymology the author presented to the reader- eg a 'clew' being a ball of yarn unwound by Theseus in the Labyrinth. Best thing about the book.

I guess I'm angry at my myself. I thought it would make me feel better, take my mind off my illness. I should know by now not to impulsively purchase something critically (over) hyped and (over) praised.

Speaking of giving up entrenched habits, Lent has already kicked in at our house. Husband isn't socially networking, but working, at his computer. Sophie thinks that she is not having pancakes next year, because poor people wouldn't be able to eat them so why should she. Imogen is looking forward to drawing her favourite foods on her Lent worksheet - strawberries, ice cream and vitamins!

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  1. I'll pass that one by, then. Thanks for the warning :)

    Lent is hitting here too, albeit for rather worldly reasons such as lack of work. Still, cutting back on over-indulgence is a good thing, no matter what the impetus. It's good to refocus on how many of the good things in life are free or nearly so.