Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Daybooking* in the month of September

Outside my window: Rain, rain, rain. I managed to rescue all the washing from the line before it tipped it down last night. People keep saying it's Autumn, and I know it's not official, but the weather is definitely autumnal. We're back to school tomorrow, so it fits. I do love it though - especially listening to it come down outside when the windows are open.

Most of my waking time is filled with trying to achieve as much as possible with the girls into not very much time. Sometimes it is just making sure they are fed, clean and rested. Today it is Imogen's swimming lesson and completing the invites for Sophie's 6th birthday party. My thoughts are, by necessity, very much on the practical side...also, Becky is 1 month old now, and starting to smile at us!

Thanksgiving: For everything good in this world.

Kitchen goings-on: Ooh you won't believe it, I'm already back into cooking mode, and contemplating getting the organic fruit & veg box delivered again. Just the comforting action of stirring onions and garlic in olive oil, roasting a chicken, bringing the combination of all tastes together....

Reading: I've finally managed more prayer, scripture & psalms as well as Laura Ingalls Wilder for the girls (The Long Winter this time) so my brain is feeling less dead - but it's still Facebook & Twitter feeds on my BlackBerry in the dead of night.

To 2 girls pretending to be fairies in *very* high pitched voices (they've exhausted princesses and spies). The baby wailing, sometimes, if she's hungry or cross she can't sleep. Radio 6 Music, although my favourite DJ has just left as she's now on maternity leave. Rain!

Wearing: A summer maternity dress which looks halfway decent - we're poolside this morning which gets really hot! I'm still waiting for my 6-week medical check before I go back to postnatal swimming & aerobics, and get my Davina DVD out, so meanwhile I'm still covering up those lumps and bumps which may not disappear for a while (if ever!

Around the house:
We're getting there. I'm trying to do stuff like the Home Blessing Hour, but mainly I'm just keeping on top of things like vacuuming the huge spill of tiny beads from an Egyptian headdress (a holiday gift from grandparents - like, thanks.)

A Favourite Thing: TV. I miss TV! I tend to only record a few programmes - family history, murder mystery - and I haven't had chance to watch them. So, I'm looking forward to Autumn evenings when I stay awake after the bedtime feed :-)

*With thanks to Peggy.

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