Thursday, 9 September 2010

Small Successes Volume 1


1) Got my eldest daughter Sophie (nearly 6) to school safely and on time this morning;
2) Got her sister Imogen (4 and a half) to pre-school safely and on time;
3) Got someone to watch the baby while I used the bathroom there;
4) Re-enrolled the older girls for their swimming lessons at the Leisure Centre;
5) Bought Sophie sushi for lunch tomorrow;
6) And some party clothes for her to try on that she'll probably hate, but what the...;
7) And returned home intact with the baby for a cup of tea and sausage sarnie before she woke for a feed.

THAT, my lovelies, is what small successes look like on a school day in the UK with two little big girls and a 5 week old baby. Go me! (I'm just glad I'm not writing this at the end of the day after school pick-up and dance lessons for the big ones, lol.)

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