Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Giving thanks

Thank You, that my nearly-5 year old didn't fall and break her neck when she fell from the table she was standing on yesterday. Or give herself a brain injury. Or something similar.

And that the car had literally just enough fuel to travel to the hospital and back.

And that I happened to be carrying cash for the car park, for the first time in ages.

And that I happened to have a jar of baby food, beaker of water and fresh plastic spoons in the bag.

And nappies. (Who needs wipes, huh?)

Thank You that I had been meditating this week on the importance of being on my knees caring for the children, as it barely registered that I would not be back in time for the Holy Tuesday reflection.

I give thanks too that the hospital emergency department was equipped with kids' books, jigsaws, funny mirrors and games.

I'm not so convinced about the nurse giving my brave patient a chocolate Easter Egg with jelly beans, but it meant she had something to eat too :-)

Thank You for these people who devote their lives to healing.

Who have an aptitude for helping sick and injured children.

Imogen had no broken bones this time, and is already shaking off her sling. She's pretty sad it hurts her right hand to write still, but by the time she heads back to school in 2 weeks her shoulder will have mended. We thank you for medical care, transport, education, and the resilience of children.


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