Friday, 20 May 2011

3 Small Successes Vol 7*

Thank goodness for small successes! I could've been wallowing without you. Today I asked God to just be at my side and help me get through. And now I am celebrating:

1) I got a week's groceries delivered and have the next 7 days meals in hand. This is AMAZING considering that I made an amendment to my online order which effectively cancelled everything. It got pretty much reinstated and delivered this morning before it was even due. (So what if there wasn't any semi-skimmed milk or bread?!!)

2) I had a semi-sort out of what we 'like' to call round here, The Cupboard of DOOM. It's the space under the stairs where we house dried foods, craft materials and a million other bits and bobs. Things have a home in here, but they kind of slip and slide around, fall on the floor, and get sucked into the vortex. So, okay, maybe the plan for today was to find the stick on name labels I need prior to the girls' ballet show, but this is something I have wanted to get started on for ages. I even did a bit of decluttering. Yay!

3) I'm managing not to be overwhelmed. Not by loads of laundry or dirty dishes. Not by the sewing and labelling I have to do for the dance show and the dress rehearsals I have to attend. Not by the lots of things I know need doing. I'm managing to focus on priorities (like groceries and name labels!) and flying by the seat of my pants on everything else, and I'm not panicking - success in itself!

Thanks to Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain for hosting. Check out others' small successes!

PS - I actually wrote these successes on Wednesday, when I thought it was Thursday. Today it's Friday, and I'm getting around to posting them. I'm not sure if that meets your definition of success, but it's good enough for me!

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  1. Hey, progress not perfection! And you're doing some cases, literally, loads of laundry, dishes, and you're doing this with a joyful heart. I hope for you peace. If you only have one cupboard of DOOM, I envy you. I have the basement of DOOM, closets of DOOM, dresser of despair, garage of where things go to die, and we wont talk about the rest of the house.