Friday, 16 April 2010

An April Kind of Day Book*

Outside my window: Sunny, wonderful, lovely spring, Easter weather. Is it still Easter? Of course it is! Our arts & crafts wall (indoors) is still Easter-themed. We're still celebrating!

Thoughts: Kids, dinner, the Playstation 3 that has finally appeared in our house.

Thanksgiving: For all the beautiful wonders of creation, for an understanding God, a wonderful family, and the way He brings people together.

Kitchen goings-on: Fish pie tonight. Cakes have been good recently - the River Cottage pear cake was pleasantly surprising. Which reminds me, I need icing sugar for the orange cake. We're making ginger cake tomorrow morning.

Reading: Someone passed me the Twilight tetralogy. So, even though I'm not enjoying it very much, that and the Bible are pretty much my only reading at the moment.

Listening: The hum of my computer, at the moment. Radio 6 Music in the kitchen, soon. Our concert of American and Russian music, tomorrow night! (if I survive afternoon rehearsal and staying out through dinner & kids bath & bedtime....)

Wearing: Clothes that aren't maternity clothes as such, but I can just about squeeze into. They don't go that well together, but they fit!

Around the house: Everything is DIY-tastic. Our green/glasshouse has been dismantled, our kitchen is getting changed, and so on. I'm so happy to progress things before the next baby comes.

A Favourite Thing: Getting into a warm swimming pool and managing to swim & workout in the water without feeling it in my pelvis or any surrounding area - wow, those endorphins!

*Inspired by Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. Hiya. Question: if you're not enjoying the Twilight, are you still persevering with it? I always used to plough on through books that didn't really do it for me but decided a few years back that life was too short. And there are too many books that I'd love to read but wouldn't get round to if I forced myself to spend precious time on something that I only ended up resenting. It's really quite liberating!

  2. I know, it's bonkers, I've read 3 out of the 4 despite not enjoying the plot, the 'style' of writing and so on - but they are nevertheless compulsive! (unlike Ulysses and other so-called classics I have given up on in the past.) Of course, all the Twilight devotees (grown women) I know will take this as evidence that I LIKE the books... *sigh* ...

  3. i wish i could get in a pool too! darn i dont know how to swim :(

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