Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's a....?????

We saw it coming a mile away. The sonographer said, "I've actually never seen anything like it." Baby #3 had his/her legs tucked up so we had no way of telling whether s/he's going to be a boy or a girl. Funnily enough, our previous 2 children behaved the same way at 20 weeks. We're in no hurry to find out, really. But I do wonder - does the fact that baby in utero did this mean it's a girl like the other two? Or is it, as the sonographer mentioned, and I hadn't thought of before, due to the shape of my uterus?

Either way, we are definitely boarding up the loft so I can accept gifts of any hand-me-down boy clothes that come my way!

And baby is developing healthily. Which is really the key thing at this stage!! I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed after being pummelled during the sonogram & the reality of everything coming into focus. We had a delightful visit from our week-old nephew yesterday which certainly reminded us what it is like with a newborn. And I'm still slowly getting my head around the recommendation to get myself sterilised after this so as not to have to undergo a fourth C-section...

Mind you what's currently on my mind is how come I am unable to scan the sonogram photo... (Hmm...solved that one with a little help...)

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