Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nearly the End of April

Inspired by Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window: A beautiful day. My favourite thing at the moment is walking the kids to school in the sunshine, past the blossomy trees. It makes me want to give so much thanks for the world around us!

Thoughts: Food, at the moment. It's great I'm able to satisfy my chilli-tastic cravings at the moment, and calm the heartburn with medication. But, considering I'm not getting that much exercise, I'm trying NOT to shove too much unhealthy food down me.

Thanksgiving: For getting through the small things. For repaired relationships with people. For the support and love of others.

Kitchen goings-on: Anything spicy, as previously mentioned! Stirred Tabasco & chopped jalapenos into my father in law's chilli con carne just to get a kick :-) Brilliantly, rhubarb and strawberries are in season here - I hope to get Imogen (my nearly-4 year old) to help me make a crumble this afternoon, after we've prepped the pizza toppings for tonight's dinner.

Reading: Not much. Well, a fair bit actually, on the doctrine of the death of Christ, but it's hard work and my essay is still not done. I've missed my Bible, and 2 Corinthians really spoke to me today. I've got the last Twilight tome to plough through, but not until I've finished my essay!

To father in law and husband as they bring patio stones a friend has kindly given us, into the back yard/garden.

Wearing: My maternity jeans. Finally! (Only staying up with the aid of my Promedics pelvic belt, mind you.) (Mine's not as big as the one in the photo, and I am so thankful I have it, however dreadful it looks.) I seem to be almost attractive in the jeans. And the baby bump looks huge in them!

Around the house: Unbelievably, we now have the loft insulated, boarded, lit and accessible so that, when we have any spare time whatsoever this side of August, we can store things there. The sink units are here, and just need setting up next week when the plumber comes. We have a reading & feeding chair for the 'nursery' (where the 2 girls sleep, and baby will too eventually). All this sorted in a matter of weeks. Yay!

A Favourite Thing:
Need I say? Jalapenos. On tortilla chips with melted cheese and soured cream and salsa and guacamole. On pizza. On toast....

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