Thursday, 6 May 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

I know, I know, most other UK residents are blogging about the General Election. I've got other priorities at the moment. I don't find any of the 3 blokes standing to be Prime Minister, their constituency representatives and indeed their policies to be anywhere near how I think the world should be, so I'm putting them to one side (sorry, Suffragette Movement).

Instead I wanted to just mention what has been in my head this morning, thanks to the Flylady radio show, but also thanks to the new stuff taking place in my kitchen. It's time to develop an Attitude of Gratitude. I give thanks for running water;
A plumbed in sink;
Hot water and detergent to clear greasy dishes;
A plumbed in washing machine;
Thanks for patient husbands (well, mine, really);
and the simple things in life, like baking cakes with a small chef who is so excited about her 4th birthday party she sings 'happy birthday' to herself and wants to light 4 candles NOW.

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