Thursday, 20 January 2011

Small Successes Vol 5


Today I'm joining Danielle Bean and the host of other women who post their small successes at Faith and Family Live. Just having a moment where I've made time for myself to sit and write is an achievement these days. There always seem to be so many other things to do around the house - dishes, laundry, mopping, vacuuming, eating lunch, preparing baby food and milk, sleep! - that although my husband may ask why don't I do all of the above before I get to writing, if I didn't give myself permission to sit and write in the midst of a little chaos, I would never write and all and, quite possibly, explode! So my first success today is:


I am giving myself the opportunity to take a lunch break, fix a healthy sandwich, have some quiet time while the baby naps, and take some time out from the world. This may be reading Mommy blogs, a fiction book, the Bible, looking up a new recipe, or practising my singing, but generally it is something to emotionally and spiritually enrich me, so I can be a more renewed person when it's time to interact with my family. (Well, that's the plan!)


Yes, you heard right, I said practising my singing! I made it back to singing rehearsal - 2 hours per week on a school night, which is a big deal - and you cannot conceive of the joy I experienced. OK, so we are not doing church or even other classical numbers this concert, but coming together as a choir to sing excerpts from Les Miserables has been wonderful for me this month. Coupled with the fact that the group performs to fundraise for charity, makes me realise how much I have missed this.


Not sure of a third way I feel awesome this week amongst the post-pregnancy hormones - so I will celebrate the fact that I am raising three wilful, loud and hungry girls that I am managing to feed, clothe, bathe, read to and put to bed regularly. Alleluia!


  1. I love number 3. You are so right. And one some days that is my only success! Numbers 1 and 2 are a great way to keep life in balance. I am finally realizing the importance of taking care of me....keep it up!

  2. Great list! #1 is soooo important, yet soooo hard! Why is that? You've inspired me though. Today I'm going to find a little more "me" time.

  3. RealMom4Life and JJ'sMom - thank you! I think it's great that we can encourage each other with our successes. I also managed to clean the bathroom, fix dinner and do a few other things yesterday - not sure whether I'd have made it if I hadn't refuelled mySelf!