Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Posted - just because I can. After two weeks of Christmas holidays, I can sit with a cup of tea while the baby sleeps because now I have TWO big girls at school! My little baby bunch (aged 4.5 yrs and 6 yrs) are now in consecutive school years and will see each other in the playground and lunch hall. (Hopefully they will treat each other more nicely than they do @ home.)

Don't expect many more posts, though - it's only today, because I'm all over the place, that I'm allowing myself the luxury of this moment, in a house which is still extremely Christmassy, in need of a good vacuum, mop, bed linen change, reorganise, tidy, purge, declutter, send everything to the charity shop or jumble sale (OK, this may be an extreme reaction to #2 daughter starting school, but this home is in need of a good sort out)....

...anyway the baby is about to wake :-)

Happy New Year!

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