Thursday, 10 March 2011

3 Small Successes


1) I'm just rejoicing in the simplicity of Lent at the moment. I'm savouring the taste of food more and already realising how many luxuries I used to stuff in my mouth. I'm getting those 5 minutes with God in the morning and evening, and not worrying its not enough. It may not last for the whole season, but it is a wonderful start.

2) I blitzed the filing pile. There were things in it from our trip away last October. AND, I finally took the 3 Christmas CDs out of the car CD changer! It only has room for 6 CDs. We have not been listening to the Christmas ones for months now so our listening has been very limited.

3) Do you know what, I can't think of a third. This week is less about celebrating how awesome I am, and more about realising that it's okay when I fail. So I'll finish by posting this excerpt from the Lenten prayer for today:

Please, Lord, remind me that "perfection"
isn't the crazy, "successful" way I try to live my life,
but a perfection of my most authentic, real self.
My "perfection" might be holding my many flaws in my open hands,
asking you to help me accept them.

Amen to that.

Thanks to Danielle and all those others who post their successes.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful successes! Bless you. I love #1 - how you worded it was beautifully simple.

    Bless you this week. I look forward to reading more!!!