Friday, 25 February 2011

Lenten preparation

I'm really relieved to be getting to Lent soon. On the one hand, it seems like it was only just Advent. But the fact that Christmas and the first part of 2011 have whizzed by so fast tell me that we're ready to slow down, strip down the layers and start with Lent.

In previous years I've done plenty of research to settle on the 'right' Lenten theme. Well, this year's came to me without the thought processes - we're going for simplicity. I added in 'calm' and 'peace' but we rarely get any of those in our family. So I'm going (with so many others, I'm sure) to keep it simple.

This is easier said than done. For me, it means focusing just on one or two things, and trying to connect with God and get to know Him more. I'm even hoping to strip back Easter - asking the people we always ask over for a simple buffet meal, rather than roast lamb and rich desserts.

Last year, I followed the Love Dare, with the focus on my husband and kids. I'm not saying I've got that all wrapped up, but this year I'm focusing on Loving Myself. As I follow FlyLady, I've had this drilled into me for the past five years, but recently, I've got out of the habit. Yes, I've been going to AquaAerobics on a weekly basis, fitting in some walking every school day, ensuring we all eat together as a family. But my diet has been all over the place. I haven't been focused with exercise. I've been consuming things I know are bad for me, and although I've still been going through the motions, I could do with a figurative kick up the butt. We all need to remind ourselves to take care of ourselves as women, as mothers, from time to time. So....keeping it simple, of course:

I'm going to up the fruit and veggies. Not even thinking about '5 a day', but just getting more fruit and veg into me. And the family, because they eat what I eat, but starting with me. Trying to eat healthier. Cut out the junk. Make that dental appointment, and brush my teeth before bed every night. And perhaps a little more exercise. But not to set any big plans or high standards. Just to get back to treating this body God gave me like a temple, so I can serve Him better. Not so much penitence or penance. Not self-denial or abstinence. But keeping what happens with my body simple. Free of indulgence. Humble. Free from. Prepared. Healthy. His.

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