Friday, 4 March 2011

7 Quick Takes*


I finally ordered the cake! For Rebecca's Baptism, I mean. They seemed a little concerned about the size of it compared to the decoration but I wanted to keep it simple - just a cross in the corner, and 'Rebecca Mary', in the middle. I am focusing on simplicity for Lent, after all.


I also realised that the Baptism is also the first day of Spring, which says all sorts of things! I am so fully immersed in baptism being the sacrament which opens up all sorts of possibilities to us, including the reception of God's grace. I guess this is due to my being baptised as an adult, at which point everything started changing for me in amazing ways.


I'm holding in my thoughts this week all the would-be mothers I know who are hoping for children in the future, that this will come to be. Miscarriage and fertility issues can make it difficult for people to keep trusting in God. For me, my impatience to conceive helped bring me to Christ, but for others, it can work the opposite way, and I pray for them now.


I'm still really excited about the date my husband had at Cafe Rouge when we were on our holiday. I made a promise to myself that Friday date nights, at home or out, would be resurrected. So, um, tonight I'm heading out to the (Women's) World Day of Prayer service at a local church with my friend Mary. And the Friday after I have a singing rehearsal. Must try harder.


Husband and I have started to become like ships passing in the night again
due to both our voluntary commitments since nights with the baby got easier. I am thankful that we are able to do simple things like lunch together and have to discuss things about the business we run. It's often difficult to communicate above the cacophony of girls' voices!


About the Women's World Day of Prayer. Some women over from Chile are hosting. Our vicar is speaking too. And there will be cups of tea served afterwards. And that's all I know. Men are invited along too, although it's women who organise the thing. But I am holding the world's women in my heart today, especially those who have a hard time being a woman in their culture. This includes my friend who gets commented on by her husband if the house isn't up to his standards of cleanliness or if she leaves the house in jogging bottoms to take the kids to school.


OK, I want to bring some joy in here today! I'm still smiling about Betty Beguiles' new couch so thank Hallie Lord for hosting the Quick Takes today. Let's give thanks for those friends - and strangers - who go the extra mile for us, who pray for us, who help give us a break when we need it and listen to us without judgement. To me, this includes the online community of blogging moms who I thank profusely. Have a good week!

*Thanks to Jen @ Conversion Diary and Hallie @ Betty Beguiles for hosting 7 Quick Takes.

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