Friday, 22 January 2010

As for me and my family.....

Well. I've studied social science for ten years of my life, qualified and worked in the field, but since having my first child in October 2004 I've pretty much been a stay at home mother (despite earning enough in one year to pay £3000 off the mortgage, something I just remembered.) This has been wonderful for me, and, I believe, for the family as a whole. (My husband is a self-employed computer programmer & we agreed on this division of labour together - he's also handy around the house and hands-on with the kids, which has been especially useful in my first trimester!)

We don't have a big house, and we mainly go on camping holidays; our main expenditure is probably on cooking ingredients (I kid you not); but it works for the moment. Although many of the conversations I have are about child-rearing, I've met plenty of mothers through baby groups and Church with whom I talk (often online!) about anything and everything - I feel happily stimulated and I make sure I have time for me.

Sophie (aged 5) just started school and Imogen (aged 3) is in pre-school 12 hours per week (which is probably why we thought it was time to have another one!) I also help with our Church's Pram Service for under 5-s, once a fortnight, do some amateur singing, and am enrolled on a Christian theology course. A lot of my time is spent preparing food and keeping house, which are actually things I love doing. Over time, I hope to move from ministering to my family to wider Christian ministry, but I firmly believe that these things are in God's hands. Watch this space....

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