Friday, 22 January 2010

Oh, mushy pea, mushy pea

First of all, I'm not even sure if they have 'mushy peas' in the US. Here, in the Midlands of England, they are part of our staple diet. No, that's not true. They are currently part of my staple diet as a crazy, craving 1st trimester lady. Most people have them rarely. With fried fish and chips from the chippy. With faggots (a type of burger made with offal, I think. I've never had the stomach to try them.) At the local fair in October, soused in mint sauce made with malt vinegar.

If I could (and if my bowels could withstand it) I would currently eat them every day.

My first pregnancy, I craved (sweet) mincemeat scooped out of the jar - the sort we have in our sweet mince Christmas pies.

My second pregnancy, I craved - and ate, not too many I hope! - McDonalds hamburgers. Mainly that sweet combination of ketchup, pickle and mustard over bread and beef (and I used to be vegan in my teens.)

This pregnancy - well, put it this way, in the oven I have cooking battered haddock (I won't eat the batter), oven chips (less than 10% fat), and have ready to go half a tin of mushy peas and a slice of wholemeal bread with light spread. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my meal of choice. It's wrong. I know it. But at least I'm no longer sniffing Playdough or scoffing licorice allsorts.

For those who don't know, these are processed marrowfat (?!) peas, that one of our politicians thought resembled guacamole (I don't know where he gets his guacamole.)

Pity me, and weep.

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  1. Pity you? For liking mushy peas? That would be like...oh, now, let's see... pitying someone for liking breathing.

    I exaggerate somewhat, OK, but let's be proud of our mushy pea habit. There are worse ones. And I'm right with you on the haddock and oven chips, too. I'm not pregnant, though. Is that all right?