Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Me and needles....

I honestly thank God for phlebotomists (translation: people specially trained to extract blood. Who are necessary for people with thin and elusive veins like myself.) Not only are they expert in their jobs, they recognise the sight of someone who has been traumatised (albeit slightly) by healthcare 'professionals' who seem to blame one when they can't get the 4 bottles of blood they need from a person. Today, I was offered coffee or cold water afterwards (I plumped for the latter) and allowed to sit in a chair for as long as I liked. These people are heroes. I applaud them.

On a sweeter (and tangier) note, I found 2 Bramley apples in the fridge and some blackberries and crumble mix in the freezer so I have actually concocted something tasty for about the first time in 2 months! The joy of it - the satisfaction found in cooking creativity. Looking forward to eating it later with lashings of Ambrosia custard. (FYI - Batchelors mushy peas and Ambrosia custard are owned by the same outfit; I should have taken out shares.)

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