Tuesday, 23 March 2010


OK, I'm going to try one of these!

Outside my window: Dark, and fully rainy. I don't think Daddy and Sophie will be walking to school tomorrow. March came in like a gentle lamb and is getting lionesque.

Thoughts: Lots of stuff on how our Church is, interregnum, and what is happening with the music groups. Lots of prayer on this one!

Thanksgiving: Just for the way God holds, no, folds my family into his arms and keeps watch over us.

Kitchen goings-on: Oh, my poor fennel, chicken & tomato ragout. Sophie only ate you because you latched onto the 3 plates of pasta she needed to eat after her half an hour swim. The rest of us, adults included, passed. Much like last week's Silver Spoon chicken casserole. Sorry, Italia.

Reading: Elizabeth David's Italian Food (yes, I know!). St Augustine is still to one side. The Love Dare. The Bible. Because I've been ill I've polished off Ghostwalk and The Little Stranger this week, which I think I'll review in tandem in a couple of days.

Listening: Radio 6 Music while it is still here. Songs of worship. The Aphex Twin last night falling asleep with my husband, like we used to.

Wearing: Pyjamas.

Around the house: Happy to be getting things sorted - new sink, boarding the loft, bunkbed for the existing 2 children. Itching with it actually (hormones!)

A Favourite Thing: The small things getting done. Cleaned. And put away :-) (Hormones....)

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