Thursday, 18 March 2010

Imogen Louise

Imogen the newborn

Imogen nearly 4 years old!

She's pretty together, is Imogen; she doesn't dally, or dither. But, to be fair, I'm already comparing her against her older sister; she looks very much like Soph, but diverges from her greatly in terms of personality. Whether it's the 2nd child thing, the circumstances of her birth, or simply genetically her, it's easy to see Imogen as the things her elder sister isn't - naturally gregarious, happy to be glued to the TV for hours, hugely tactile, completely mischievous, boisterously boyish yet the first to be obsessed with pink and princesses.

Life has definitely been a lot more chilled since Imogen came along - she and her sibling have a close sisterly bond and like to play (and argue) on a daily basis. She lets Sophie's anger go over her head, demands cuddles at the most inappropriate times, and likes to use her dressing-gowns as sleep friends. She's an easy person to get along with (despite her early penchant for hitting.) I can't imagine a world without music for Imogen - she lives it and loves it, turning everything into a song, obsessing over showtunes, and (still!) repeating the songs from the school Christmas show 3 months ago.

We love you, Modger Moo!

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