Saturday, 27 March 2010

Woo-hoo! A break!

My typical days start as follows: wake up around 4.30am with leg cramps, doze fitfully with half an ear out for my 5 year old early riser, up by 6am at the latest. Let the kids chill for a bit (= usually TV) as I fit in a small yet crucial slice of spiritual time before going up to shower. Then, herd them through the getting dressed process, breakfast with all the family, clearing up after, sorting lunch/es, checking reading folder/s, cleaning teeth, and out the door by 8.15am. It's not quite an art form, but it pretty much runs itself.

And boy I am ready for 2 weeks respite!!!

2 weeks while the girls can just hang out together playing with their Barbies and Princess dolls, breakfasting in their pyjamas, picking out clothes instead of uniforms. 2 weeks when we don't rush. When we can just be. When we can say 'yes, let's play that game after breakfast.' We have plans, of course. And scans and dental and hair appointments. Visits from our family in the North-East (of England) and the Godfather from London. Playdates with friends and relations. Introducing the girls to their first first cousin Marcus (now 2 days old) when he gets home. A dance lesson here, a swimming lesson there. But we can SLOW THE PACE RIGHT DOWN....and look forward to celebrating Easter with gifts, chocolate, family, friends, and praise. We can really appreciate this last bit of Lenten time as we gear up for Holy Week. Count down to Hot Cross Buns and church activities on Good Friday. I'm excited about all of that.

But just for now, just this morning, I'm excited about having a break from the school run :-)

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