Saturday, 19 February 2011

Daybooking* in the month of February

Outside my window: It's raining amid signs of spring - lighter mornings, crocii, snowdrops. Yesterday we had bike & scooter out of the garage for the first time in forever. Still wintry though!

We're in repose. It's the first day of the school holidays, and I'm hanging with my girls while Daddy sleeps. No hurry to leave the house, no lunches to make. Time at the pool to look forward to. Seeing grandparents. Things still require planning and organisation, but I've already lost my rush.

Thanksgiving: For my wonderful children, especially as they are learning to be less wakeful and more quiet in the early mornings. For books and reading and sight. For friends and fellowship.

Kitchen goings-on: Well, of course there was cake. But not a lot else. Rebecca has been living off food from the freezer and a few bought jars. But meatballs today and carbonara tomorrow, I'm going to get my Italian mama thing going on. (I have a friend who's an Italian mama, so I know what I'm talking about. Although my cuisine and hospitality cannot hope to rival hers!)

Reading: Not enough Bible, not enough on Matthew for me to get my assignment even started. Lots of blogs and Twitter! Reading to my children and from my children. I'm more than ready for Lent to get me focused on some more spiritual reading. But there is no beating myself up going on. I'm starting to get back into things :-)

My radio listening has mainly been noisy rock music, with some classical. I've actually been doing a fair bit of listening to others, as well as speaking my mind this week. It's difficult to listen to the kids when they are all speaking at once, which I am working really hard on!

Wearing: Once again I'm posting in pyjamas. But, it should be known, I have been getting my skirts on recently. Short skirts, with long boots, like I wore in my twenties. Must be the 6 months post-partum thing :-)

Around the house: Do you know, we're still in a mess. I've gone from ticking over to wash-and-sterilise-everything-in-sight due to the kids having picked up threadworms again. The washing is piled up in baskets and the machine can't run fast enough. After stripping beds, making beds and so on, there hasn't been time for much else.

A Favourite Thing: Sleep! This month the baby has begun to sleep through without needing a night feed. Hooray! Please note - this is a small jump for joy. Although she's not hungry, she loves to suck her soothers, and when she wakes and can't pop one in her mouth, she needs help, so I'm still not getting lots of sleep. BUT - it's enough for now!

*with thanks to Peggy.


  1. Its awesome when they start sleeping better.

  2. I just found your blog via The Simple Woman's Daybook. Looking forward to reading more entries!
    Happy Saturday!

  3. Kristi - it's a whole new world, I can't believe it. I actually have some of my evenings back (depending on how the day goes...)

    Lois - I have briefly popped over to your blog too and will return for longer later!

  4. Just found your blog. I love how refreshing it is! You sound like you treasure your kids...would like more sleep....but that's ok.

  5. Hi RealMom - just got back from a 'relaxing break away with the kids' (chortle) so only just read your comment - yes they are treasures, but they do drive me crazy daily :-) And that's with *only* three!