Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Time passing

Ill at Christmas

OK, this isn't entirely wordless, but as this site is more of a journal for folk to dip into, rather than a YouMustReadMyBlog! type of thing, I'm allowing myself to get away with that :-)

I love the odd Wordless Wednesday because it encourages me to dip into those photographs which get downloaded from the camera without me noticing, often literally months after the moment was captured. I can sit and reflect on the driven, passing insanity that we lived in during Christmas and notice how my children are growing rather than try to get them all sorted at the table or ready to hustle out of the door for school. I need these moments, as life goes by at a frenzied, harried pace some days, or I'm too paralysed by tiredness or illness to lift up my head and see.

First missing tooth

First day at school

Eating, drinking and reading

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