Saturday, 12 February 2011

7 Quick Takes

1) It's technically Saturday here in the UK, but I still have that Friday feeling. Coupled with me feeling unburdened about the next steps on my vocation journey, I'm trying to embrace an 'anything goes' mentality a little more.

2) It's been a busy week. I've met up with the baby's Godmother, taken baby to get weighed at Clinic, worked out at my aqua-aerobics class, met with the other women who run our Pram Service with me, met with the vicar about Year 3 of my lay ministry course, pureed veggies, lentils and ground rice for the baby and managed a little bit of study. All within the school day. I missed my study night though. What doesn't fit into the school day doesn't generally get done at the moment - evenings are for resting and early bedtimes!

3) Although I did manage to bake a breakfast loaf the other evening - it's one of Sophie's favourites and I haven't baked anything for her in ages. It's one of those things where you just put all the ingredients into a bowl at once so, coupled with 3 overripe bananas, there was really no excuse!

4) I finally booked a haircut. My last one was before Christmas. I had a very positive salon experience for the first time in forever (obviously, this is because the salon is run by two members of our church who are also school governors at my daughters' school - talk about multi-tasking!) so am much less worried about the experience than previously.

5) I'm quite happy all the things that spring into my head are domestic! My husband has been busy as a volunteer at our town's own Beer Festival which seems to have gone really well so far. I guess you could say it was established as a fundraiser for our church hall and there are lots of church involved people; it sounds like there is some great community spirit and fellowship going on as well as the CAMRA real ale drinking brigade.

6) Incidentally we aren't at our 'home' church of St Mary Magdalene for the Family Service tomorrow, but at St Peter's and St Paul's, another church within the town. It is Education Sunday in our liturgical calendar ("a day set aside for prayer, reflection and celebration on the role of Christian educators and the role of Churches in all kinds of education".) The 4-7 year olds from my kids' school are going to perform an action song. Their headteacher is also going to be there, speaking about it being 200 years since the National Society (for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church) was first established. In the UK free education was provided by the Church of England for local children long before any type of welfare system did the same. The girls' school grew out of this provision and I'm interested to learn more.

7) I'm ending with a quote I only just discovered from Mother Teresa which may sound naive and open to attack from those who don't see every child as a blessing, but it sums up the joy I feel about new life and the rejoicing I do when I see my 3 little girls interacting with each other:

How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers.

Thanks Jen @ Conversion Diary and everyone else who posts their quick takes!

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